29 September 2017

For the savvy and budget conscious of us, a cheap date night is a good date night. Honestly, visiting North City shopping centre with friends, the family, or the other half is perfect for two practical reasons; easy to reach by train, bus or car and no exposure to the elements. But what to do once you get there?

The movies

Reading Cinemas Porirua are here for you; offering $10 standard tickets and open late, this is the perfect evening activity. Watching movies on the big screen just has that excitement and visual experience that a laptop in bed just can’t offer.

Favourite dinner options

If you are anything like me, you love an early dinner! The full range of options in the food court are open until 6pm, and on Thursdays 9pm, so I would recommend getting something delicious to see you through the flick. My favourites are both the fast-casual style where you choose what you want; O & Bowl where you can make a rice or noodle-based salad with a varied range of meat or vegan toppings and tasty sauces; and Taco Cantina which is deliciously fresh Mexican food. Considering you can get a personalised meal and drink in a comfortable, relaxed environment for around $15, this is awesome value!


If you come on the weekend and make it out of your movie before 6pm, you must visit Yoghurt Story. There is nothing like a treat and a debrief after a film, and here you can serve your own frozen yoghurt and pile it up with all kinds of toppings, so this really counts as an activity as much as dessert. They have scoop ice cream too with six vegan options including chocolate.



Now for the finishing touch; Kmart is open until Midnight. It is a pure indulgence to wander around at night and browse the bargains available at this institution of thriftiness. Whether the protagonist in the movie you just watched inspired a wardrobe makeover, you want to refresh your décor, or you don’t even know what you need until you see it, this is a place to go exploring. We’re loving these amazing buys at the moment – click here.

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